The Alice Gleinster Foundation memorial web site. In loving memory of Alice Glenister 1984 - 2003

Our Second Alice Home.

We visited another orphanage in Kanchanaburi Province, where 84 children (64 girls, 20 boys) are cared for by an inspirational Buddhist nun. They live in the jungle on a hillside in thatched huts, some of which were constructed by the nun and the children.When the rains come, water pours through the roof and across the floor. The children all seemed so happy and loved by this amazing woman.





Dhammanurak, as the orphanage is called, is described as an education centre and home for orphans and socially disabled children. Many are orphans and others have faced abandonment, sexual abuse, no education or care and attention. Maeshee Jutipa Tapasuth has made Dhammanurak a place where special attention is given to care, love, kindness and support for all the children, the youngest of whom is only two and a half years old. They are educated on site up to the age of eleven by the nun and a couple of volunteers.






The entire project is run on donations and what she would dearly like is to house all the 64 girls in one dormitory that doesn't leak. A second "Alice Home" there seems very appropriate.
Fundraising will continue in earnest.