The Alice Gleinster Foundation memorial web site. In loving memory of Alice Glenister 1984 - 2003


Alice was an extremely bright, popular, attractive and fun loving girl who had touched a lot of people in her short life. After she died, the family asked a close family friend to establish a web-site in Alice's name for people to leave messages to Alice, and to date there are over 250 (Click here to visit the memorial site).

Nearly 500 people packed the village church of St. Mary's in Prestbury, Cheltenham, for a service to celebrate her life on 30th May 2003, a fitting tribute to a girl who was setting out on the start of her adult life, but whose life was so tragically cut short. In lieu of flowers over £8,000 was donated.

For those who did not know her, she was warm and loving, and her radiant smile is remembered by all who knew her. She gained 4 grade 'A's at 'A' levels, and had a place at Nottingham University to read history and politics. She had played county hockey and tennis and represented her school at hockey, tennis and netball. She was deputy head of house and had a Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Her school gave her a very warm tribute in the school magazine (Click here to see the Pate's Magazine - Issue 17.

The family have donated an engraved glass bowl to the school as The Alice Glenister Award for best all-round contribution to the life of the school. This year's winner, the first, was Tobias Beal, (see Pate's Awards - Issue 19 ) the younger brother of one of Alice's good friends at school, Joe who stayed with her in Thailand and helped her for a couple of days at the orphanage.

After completing her 'A' levels, Alice took on three jobs to raise the money to pay for her placement in the orphanage and to fund her travels. She also wrote to many local businesses, Rotary Clubs and charities to obtain some sponsorship towards her voluntary work in Thailand.

Alice was killed while travelling with her 2 best friends Chloe Bonsor and Katie Sullivan. They were on a kayak expedition on the Pnom Lek River in Laos, in S.E. Asia when the 2 person kayak with Alice and Chloe in was dragged onto rocks and they were both tipped out. Alice was struck on the head by submerged rocks and knocked unconscious - she never knew what happened.