The Alice Gleinster Foundation memorial web site. In loving memory of Alice Glenister 1984 - 2003


Many good friends and family have made a magnificent effort to help raise funds for the Foundation.

  1. We were able to kick start it with the £25,000 we received from Alice’s insurance claim, and apart from many private donations the following fund-raisers have taken place.
  2. Rod Ashman (head of art at Pate’s Grammar School) ran the London Marathon raising £1,926.00.
  3. Pate’s Grammar School donated the takings from their Charity Day and disco raising £2,232.
  4. The Richard Pate School donated £500 from their Charity Day.
  5. Sue Thomas who on her 50th birthday asked everyone to donate to the Foundation instead of giving her a present. This raised £840.
  6. Brockhampton Quilters held a coffee morning and raised £500.
  7. Jim and Helen Blenkinsopp held a wonderful dinner party which raised £700.
  8. The Pargeter family donated £228 from a swimathon held in Sussex .
  9. Helen Williams raised over £10,000 by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in October 2004.
  10. £200 raised from a run that some lads from Messier-Dowty's test department did.
  11. £7,319.00 donated by Warwick University's Rag Committee.
  12. Elizabeth Steiner ran the Bristol half marathon and raised £130
  13. Pates Grammar school Charity Committee donated £500.
  14. Durham University donated £500.
  15. The interview Mary did for Take A Break magazine paid £400.
  16. Helen, Malcolm's secretary ran the London Marathon and raised over £1,500.
  17. Mrs Jean Russell celebrated her 70th birthday with a big party, and asked all friends and family to donate to The Foundation in lieue of presents. This raised just under £2000.
  18. An evening of musical delights with three wonderful young opera stars, David Fortey, Angharad Morgan and Craig Yates raised £3000.
  19. A Christmas Concert given by Gotherington Singers in Cheltenham raised £2,400.
  20. A concert by The Oriel Singers raised just over £1,500.
  21. A sponsored walk by Cheltenham Soroptomists, in memory of Malcolm's mother raised just over £1,000.
  22. We received £1500 raised by the RAG Committe of the Royal Vetinary College.
  23. Exeter Rag raised just over £1,000 from their bucket collection in Cheltenham in June.
  24. The Dame Felicity Lott concert raised £5,088.98 and a Dinner and Fashion show organised by Anna Lewis at St. Julian's school in Portugal raised £2,558.67