The Alice Gleinster Foundation memorial web site. In loving memory of Alice Glenister 1984 - 2003


Mary, Malcolm and Tom together with Chloe made a trip to Thailand in September 2003 to see what The Alice Glenister Orphanage Fund (as a precursor to the Foundation) could achieve - which had collected over £8,000.00.

With the help of the Thai family Ponsamboon, who rented the rooms to Alice and Chloe when they were working as volunteers, we visited the orphanage school and established that there was a need for a new girls' kindergarten dormitory block. (Click here to see The First Alice Home)

Whilst in Thailand, we visited two other orphanages which are both in desperate need of assistance. One in particular looks after 76 boys and girls. The only adults to care for them all are 5 monks. The boys sleep in an open sided barn/store room and wash in the river. The girls accommodation is little better, and they have to do all the cooking, quite a task for such young children as the oldest is only 14. They all attend a government school next to the orphanage where they do at least get lunch, but all too often there are not enough funds for breakfast and supper. So we have a great deal more work to do. (Click here to see our second project, The Alice Pavillion)

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We visited another orphanage in Kanchanaburi Province, where 84 children (64 girls, 20 boys) are cared for by an inspirational Buddhist nun. They live in the jungle on a hillside in thatched huts, some of which were constructed by the nun and the children.When the rains come, water pours through the roof and across the floor. The children all seemed so happy and loved by this amazing woman.

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